Air preheaters for boilers

Air preheaters for boilers operate based on heat transferring effect, air heated by the emitted hot gases from the combustion of fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber. Thus, the thermal energy from the waste gasmedium is used for the second time to increase the efficiency of the boiler and allows significant savings on fuels.

If an air heater is envisaged when designing boiler equipment, the furnace chamber volume is calculated, burning fuel while supplying heated air allows achieving high boiler performance with a smaller furnace volume than without using an air preheater. Fuel consumption is significantly reduced, and cooled gases are released into the atmosphere, what is important from the ecological point of view.

OPT air preheaters

The most effective air preheaters for water boilers and steam boilers are the new generation OPT units. They can operate as counterflow (oncoming movement of medium) or cross-flow (movement is perpendicular) heat exchanger. Heat transfer is performed in a module that is made of steel panels with a ribbed heat transfer surface.

OPT heat exchangers are widely used in industry. These air preheaters have compact dimensions and high performance due to the special features of their design. Practical application shows that OPT heat exchangers are significantly superior in performance and technical characteristics compared to other type of air preheaters. They have variable value of power depending on the operating conditions, the performance of the OPT unit can be increased or decreased by increasing the number of panels (heat transfer surface area) without changing the dimensions of the equipment.

Manufacture of OPT heat exchangers

OPT industrial air preheaters are made of heat resistant steels, which increase operating time of heat exchangers in high temperature conditions compared to other units. The need for repairs also occurs rarely, repair and technical works are easy to perform and do not require special knowledge and experience.

Manufacture of air preheaters is carried out on request, the equipment is pre-calculated, which allows achieving maximum efficiency of the unit.