Scientific work

The main directions of the research unit

Design optimization

Works on optimizing the design of heat exchangers

Process optimization

Optimization of heat transfer processes

Work with materials

The choice of materials for the manufacture of heat exchange equipment for a given temperature and composition of gaseous media

Improving the quality of production

Improving the quality of manufacturing heat exchangers to increase service life and temperature limits, especially the quality of welding

New welding processes

Development of new high-frequency welding processes for recuperator assembly

Expansion of scopes

Expansion of a scope of ribbed lamellar recuperators

New types of heat exchangers

Development of new types of heat exchangers for other media (gas-liquid, gas bulk materials and other)

OPT-therm software

The OPT-therm software is designed for thermal and hydraulic calculations of ribbed plate heat exchangers (OPT). OPT –therm is a combination of analytical methods of heat engineering, gas and hydrodynamics used for the design of pipelines, hydraulic and HVAC systems as a whole, as well as adapted specifically for the calculation of air heat exchangers, taking into account the unique design of heat exchangers for Termo Nord Stream

More about OPT-therm

Our company has developed mathematical software (models and calculation programs) for studying the processes of air and gas flow in the section of the heat exchanger.

This allows you to design products in which the minimum aerodynamic resistance of the gas and air channels with the minimum weight and dimensions parameters.

As an example, the video shows the distribution of gas flows over the cross section of the heat exchanger (obtained from the design of the heat exchanger for a metallurgical plant).

It follows from the video that if not properly designed, the section of the heat exchanger is not fully used. This leads to an overestimated resistance of the corresponding channel, and in some cases, to the possibility of emergency situations.

The latter is possible, for example, if extreme gas channels allow hot gas to pass through, and extreme air channels do not let through (surfaces washed by hot gas are not cooled).

Such a visualization of the gas flow pattern makes it possible to eliminate design errors primarily for diffusers and convergers of heat exchangers.

Each recuperator is designed and manufactured according to the specifications of a specific client, which allows optimizing the dimensions, materials, weight and, accordingly, the cost of the recuperator.

Thermo Nord Stream LLC produces recuperators and other heat exchangers for various purposes.

Cooling air flow paths
Example study
Ribbed plate heat recovery unit