OPT-therm program

For the calculation, we use the analytical methods of heat engineering, gas and hydrodynamics, used for the design of pipelines, hydraulic and ventilation systems in general, and also adapted specifically for the calculation of heat exchangers, taking into consideration the unique design of the heat exchangers of the company “Termo-Nord Stream” LLC.

As the initial data for the calculation, the temperatures of the heated and cooled medium at the inlet and at the outlet of the heat exchanger, costs, type and molecular composition of the media are used. In addition, it is possible to take into consideration the pressure of each medium and the permissible pressure loss in the heat exchanger. Depending on the initial data, the program gives a number of calculations, based on which the user can choose the most suitable option for a specific technical task, based on the obtained overall dimensions, the perimeters of the channel cells for the passage of media, the number of moves and the mass of the recuperator. At the end of calculations and the selection of a specific option, the program issues a report file with technical specifications and a sketch indicating the size in pdf format.

The development of the OPT-therm program makes it possible to increase the reliability and accuracy of the calculation of plate heat exchangers OPT, as well as significantly reduce the time and reduce the complexity of calculations. Due to the short time of each calculation, it is possible to carry out an impressive amount of calculations and choose a heat exchanger that is really optimal for a number of criteria specifically for your case.

Each recuperator is designed and manufactured according to the technical specifications of a particular client, which allows optimizing the dimensions, materials, weight and, accordingly, the cost of the recuperator.

“Termo-Nord Stream” LLC produces heat exchangers and other heat exchangers for various purposes

Our company has developed software (models and calculation programs) for studying the processes of air and gas flow in the cross section of a recuperator.

This allows you to design products in which the minimum aerodynamic resistance of gas and air channels with minimal bulk dimensions is provided.

As an example, the video shows the distribution of gas flows over the cross section of the recuperator (obtained during the design of the recuperator for a metallurgical plant).

From the video it follows that with improper design, the cross section of the recuperator is not fully used. This leads to overstated resistance of the corresponding channel, and in some cases, to the possibility of emergency situations.

The latter is possible, for example, if the extreme gas channels pass hot gas and the extreme air channels do not pass (surfaces washed by hot gas are not cooled).

Such visualization of the gas flow pattern eliminates design errors primarily of diffusers and confusers of heat exchangers.