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Information about calculations and recommendations for filling out an enquiry form

For a quick calculation it is enough to specify the type of heating and heated medium (gas-gas, gas-air, gas-water, etc.), the temperatures of the inlet and outlet mediums, as well as flow rates.

For a more accurate calculation please specify additionally operating (absolute) pressure and the allowable pressure drop, the existing of aggressive components, for example, presence of sulfurous and sulfuric anhydride, also specify moisture content and dust content of the flow.

If you do not have relevant information, you can find it in the data sheets or other technical documentation for heat exchange equipment.
General questions are also essential in selecting a heat exchanger. The more complete data we have, the more accurately our engineers will do calculations.
If the data in the data sheets is in cubic meters, you can use the heat exchanger calculator online for quick m3 to Nm3 conversion.

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