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Industrial gas-liquid heat exchangers

Design advantages

Compact design and low weight, therefore, installation of a WP-OPT heat exchanger is possible where conventional units cannot be installed;

Reliability and stability of operational characteristics – due to the design features and high speed of gas flows, channel cloggings do not occur, the parameters remain unchanged;

Easy maintanence – if due to the forced reduction of the gas velocity the self-cleaning of the unit does not occur, and then it may be necessary to clean the heat exchanger. The process of removal of combustion products from gas channels does not require special knowledge and skills

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The design of the WP-OPT heat exchanger includes gas and liquid panels. Gas elements have two versions:

  1. The finned panel is combined with the same panel (cover), and the ribs on one side alternate with the edges on the other side.
  2. The finned panel is closed with a smooth cover without ribs, and a small rib pitch is used.

Steel grade for gas panels is selected depending on the requirements and operating conditions.

Fluid panels also have ribs that are designed to cut a single stream into several streams. This ensures maximum liquid contact with the surface of the panel, increases the flow rate and increases the heat transfer coefficient.

The method of connecting the heat exchanger is also essential. If water and the gas medium are fed from one side, then heat exchange will occur in case of parallel flow. Another option is the counter flow scheme, which is more efficient and is used more often than the parallel flow.

When ordering WP-OPT heat exchangers, it is necessary to specify the conditions in which they will operate, and respectively determine a suitable steel grade for the panels.

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