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Waste boiler production

Most of technological processes in industry and production release heat, either hot gases, steam or smoke, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also inefficient to emit into the atmosphere. Technological waste flue gases can be used for industrial water heating, and waste heat water boiler WP-OPT will provide maximum efficiency in water heating.

The plate type waste heat water boiler WP-OPT has several advantages over conventional tubular waste-heat boilers:

Design advantages

Compact design. An important factor for equipment layout in premises; free space can be used for other purposes. In this case, the ratio of the heat transfer area to the mass of the unit is high than in tube heat exchangers

Pressure drop is significantly lower than in tube heat exchangers;

The heat transfer rate of the WP-OPT heat exchangers is much higher than in water tube heat exchangers;

The mass of the plate heat exchanger is much lower than the mass of water tube boilers.

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WP-OPT waste gas heat exchanger refers to the plate type heat exchangers in which heat is transferred to water from gases or steam using finned panels.

Design and operation principle of water boilers WP-OPT can be described as follows:

  • Heat transfer module is formed by panels with longitudinal fins;
  • Panels receive heat from gases passing between them and transfer heat to the water pipes. Waste gas heat exchanger capacity depends on the size of the gas channels and the number of panels, as well as on the temperature of the gas medium;
  • • Exhaust gases between the panels can form a fouling as result of fuel combustion. If self-cleaning does not occur, the unit can be easily cleaned during maintenance works.

WP-OPT waste heat boilers in industry and production reduce the cost of heating or hot water, which can also be used for technological processes. Due to excellent performance and high efficiency, WP-OPT waste heat boiler can provide a range of processes in the enterprise.

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