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Industrial heaters

Water and steam heaters have a wide range of applications: small devices are used for domestic needs, and large industrial air heaters are able to heat air to the required temperature in industrial premises. Heated air is also required for a number of technological processes.

The most common thermal heaters have finned pipe design, which have one significant disadvantage: an increase in power results in significant increase of size and weight, and this is not always permissible.

The best solution for any application is the WP-OPT heaters, in which the elements for heat exchange are finned plates (panels) with a small step of the fins. The alternate arrangement of air and steam-water channels ensures high efficiency of the device.

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Design advantages

Compact design combined with high performance. Despite small size, WP-OPT heaters have large heating surfaces, which result in maximum efficiency;

Easy installation and maintenance. Installation of the heater, cleaning and repairs are carried out fast and do not require much effort or use of special equipment;

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Moreover, manufacturers of conventional high-power heaters use mass production approach, and are not ready to provide customized solution, since this requires significant change in the technological process.

Our customer can order any number of heaters WP-OPT, one or more. We guarantee short terms, high quality of performance of the order and reasonable price. To get free consultation, call us or request a callback. You can make an order for the heater through a special form on the website. Please fill the form, and we will contact you promptly.

Operational data of water heater OPT-PK-20 / 15.6-78 / 0.086
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