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Industrial recuperator

Industrial air recuperators are designed to heat the incoming streams due to outgoing exhaust gases or another gas medium, for example, steam or smoke.

Heated air as a result of recovery can be used to maintain the optimal temperature in large premises or to increase efficiency of production processes.  

Industrial applications of the heat exchanger are boiler equipment, various branches of the metallurgical industry and many others. The simplest and most common type is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, however, it has a number of disadvantages, which include increased weight and size along with difficult maintenance.  

рекуператор промышленный
Design advantages

Installation, maintenance and repair(if necessary) of recuperator are simple and easy to handle. The recuperator needs rare cleaning and only due to improper operation, at normal gas flow rates periodical self cleaning occurs.

Compact design and low weight allow installing OPT recuperator in cases where it is not possible to install a traditional unit.

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Design of OPT finned plate recuperators

The OPT cross-flow recuperator is a modular unit of a new generation with the finned steel panel as a core element used in various ways. The connection of the panels in the module has three options.

Конструкция пластинчатых рекуператоров
Assembly options for modules of OPT recuperators:

A set of basic panels forms an element of the module:

Оребренная панель совмещается с такой же панелью (крышкой)
1. The finned panel is combined with the same panel (lid). Moverover, the edges on one side alternate with the edges on the other side.
Оребренная панель закрывается гладкой крышкой
2. The finned panel is closed with a smooth lid without fins, and a small fin pitch is used.
Панели соединяются между собой оребренной и гладкой стороной
3. Panels are interconnected with finned and smooth side. The panels are interconnected by finned (first panel) and smooth side (next panel), while the edges of each panel go across the edges of the previous panel. This is the way the channels are formed for the cross flow of two medium.

In the first two options transverse spacers are established between the elements according to the principle of the third option. The motion pattern of two medium is cross flow, the heated air moves transversely to the direction of hot gases. Power of the heat exchanger depends on the temperatures of the medium, the number of modules and the method of panel connection.

The elements are assembled (welded) into a module:

  • For the first two variants of the assembly, elements are welded together with transverse spacers.
  • For the third version of the assembly package is welded forming cross-arranged panels;
  • In all cases, two cross-channels for the heated and heating medium are formed.
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