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Gas-gas and gas-air heat exchangers

Today each modern industrial or manufacturing enterprise holds a number of technological processes with a significant release of thermal energy. Uncontrolled release of heat into the atmosphere not only effect the ecological situation, but also inefficient from an economic point of view. The heat generated can be used to increase efficiency of the same processes or be directed to the heating of industrial premises, and the best solution for this is gas-gas or gas-air heat exchangers.

A large number of such units are offered on the market, the shell-and-tube variants are most common, however, they do not always meet the requirements of the customer and installation is not always possible. The most important factor is the operating parameters of the device. For this reason, it is important to choose the most efficient heat exchanger for gases. Production of OPT heat exchangers is carried out strictly according to the customer requirements.

The OPT heat exchanger for the air (gas) heating has several advantages over the shell-and-tube unit:

Теплообменник газ-газ
Design advantages

High performance is ensured by heating even very large volumes of gas medium or air;

The heat exchanger can operate in high temperature conditions;

The unit has compact design, small in size and weight, which allows it to be installed where the installation of a conventional heat exchanger is impossible.

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Design of OPT finned plate recuperators

The OPT cross-flow recuperator is a modular unit of a new generation with the finned steel panel as a core element used in various ways. The connection of the panels in the module has three options.

Assembly options for modules of OPT recuperators:

A set of basic panels forms an element of the module:

The finned panel is combined with the same panel (lid). Moverover, the edges on one side alternate with the edges on the other side.
The finned panel is closed with a smooth lid without fins, and a small fin pitch is used.
Panels are interconnected with finned and smooth side. The panels are interconnected by finned (first panel) and smooth side (next panel), while the edges of each panel go across the edges of the previous panel. This is the way the channels are formed for the cross flow of two medium.
Operational data of water heater OPT-PK-20 / 15.6-78 / 0.086
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