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Air coolers

Air coolers function as the heat transfer units that simultaneously heat incoming air and cool output gases. So, heated air can be used for production purposes while output gases are chilled and give less heat to the atmosphere.

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Design advantages

Lower weight and smaller size — 2-8 times less than conventional heat exchangers.

Easy to transport, install, maintain and repair.

Operable in aggressive conditions.

Possible to clean and self-clean gas-air ducts from the combustion products.

Easy access to each module during installation, repair and inspection.

Apply appropriate steel grades for different parts of heat exchanger.

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Design of ribbed plate gas coolers

Ribbed plate gas coolers, which belong to the new generation equipment, will most effectively handle the double task. Operating principle is based on cross-motion of gas medium, and special steel panels with a ribbed surface serve as a heat-transferring element. Gas and air flow travel in perpendicular directions relative to each other through a module that consists of the panels.

Assembly options for modules of ribbed plate gas coolers:

A set of basic panels forms an element of the module:

A ribbed plate is covered with a lid without ribs. The next ribbed plate is placed on top of the lid ribs-down in a cross way.
A ribbed plate with ribs-up is joined with a another ribbed plate ribs-down.
Two ribbed plates with ribs-up are joined in a cross way.

In the first and second option, spacers are installed between the panels so that they create the next channel with the transverse direction of the medium flow.

In case of high temperatures with rapid steel heating, thermal stresses may occur. Ribbed plate coolers have high thermoplasticity, so stresses do not cause destruction of the unit, resulting in a long operational life.

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