Boiler economizers are designed to increase efficiency of water heating systems by utilizing heat of the flue gases. Water is preheated before entering the boiler. Thus, less energy will be required to boil the preheated water in the boiler.

Commonly, tubular and plate boiler economizers are made of cast iron or steel. Their size and weight are considerable. In comparison, our ribbed plate boiler economizers have certain advantages:

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Design advantages

Can increase or decrease the number of passes between the ribs. Consequently, the aerodynamic resistance, thermal power, weight and dimensions will also be changed.

Easy to install, service and maintain. No need for the heavy power lifting equipment.

They are self-cleaned and will require cleaning only when they are not properly used. However, when necessary the modules can be dismantled for service and cleaning.

Different steel grades can be used for producing the ribbed plates.

Hermetically sealed joints do not allow mixture of input and output gas and liquid. The sealants keep their qualities even at the high temperatures.

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Another advantage of plate economizers is the possibility of reducing the hydraulic resistance, which provides a small pressure drop in the system. This is achieved by changing the channel width or increasing the number of channels. Due to low resistance, the fans consume less electricity, which makes the plate water economizers of the boilers even more attractive to use.      

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