Boiler economizers are designed to increase the efficiency of the water heating system due to exhaust gases. Heating is carried out before the liquid enters the boiler, which allows raising the temperature in the boiler to the desired level with less fuel consumption.

Shell-and-tube and lamellar water economizers made of cast iron or steel are widely spread. When installing a heat exchanger, an important factor is weight and dimensions, therefore, when choosing a suitable economizer, it is advisable to choose plate-type steel heat economizer.

Boiler economizer (heat exchanger) WP-OPT is made of steel plates in the form of finned panels. The fins are arranged in parallel and at a high frequency, which allows heat to be recovered from the passing gases with maximum efficiency.

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Design advantages

Compactness combined with high efficiency. The heat transfer area in the module is significantly increased due to the small fin pitch, which reduces the flow rate of the gas medium and increases the heat transfer;

Retrofit solutions. By changing the number of steel plates, the thermal capacity of the economizer can be adjusted;

Easy installation, technical inspection and repair. For repairs there is no need to use lifting equipment;

Easy cleaning. If necessary, the plates are easily dismantled and cleaned. In addition, self-cleaning can be performed, i.e. clearing the flowing path of gases from the combustion products;

Fin materials variety. Fins can be used for sections of different steel grades;

Tightness and uniform distribution of flows. Rubber seals are installed around the perimeter of each plate, which do not lose their properties even at high temperatures.

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Another advantage of plate economizers is the possibility of reducing the hydraulic resistance, which provides a small pressure drop in the system. This is achieved by changing the channel width or increasing the number of channels. Due to low resistance, the fans consume less electricity, which makes the plate water economizers of the boilers even more attractive to use.      

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Operational data of water heater OPT-PK-20 / 15.6-78 / 0.086
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