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Double Shell Recuperator, Double Shell Hear Exchanger

Preservation and use of heat generated during various technological processes is a priority for most modern industrial enterprises. This is especially true for the metallurgical industry and other high temperature industries, where temperatures reach thousands or more degrees, here the heat losses are especially high.

The best solution to the problem is to use industrial heat exchangers, units in which the heat from the outgoing hot gases is transferred to the incoming air flows, heat exchange occurs due to the border surfaces of the channels.

Not all types of heat exchangers are suitable for high-temperature industries such as metallurgy, glass industry and a number of others due to special conditions. The most suitable type of the recuperator is a coaxial, or double shell recuperator.

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Operating principles of the heat exchanger is as follows:

  • Pipe mounted inside the external pipe that discharges hot gases out of the furnace compartment and the walls of which are equidistant from the walls of the external pipe;
  • The inner tube does not communicate with the outer tube and hermetically closed at the top and bottom;
  • Surfaces of the inner pipe are heated due to the exhaust gases;
  • Incoming air flows into the inner tube through a side inlet, heated from the hot walls and exits through another side outlet at the other end of the pipe.

The performance of the unit depends on several factors:

  • Inlet air temperature;
  • Outlet air flue gases;
  • Air flow rates;
  • Length and diameter of the outer pipe;
  • Length and diameter of the inner tube.

The heated air supplied to the furnace significantly improves the combustion process and reduces the improper burning of fuel; it can also be used for other purposes, both technological processes or heating premises.

Installation of a coaxial recuperator will allow the enterprise to significantly save on energy and contribute to improvement of the environmental situation.   

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