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Air preheaters

Air preheaters are designed to increase efficiency of technological process using preheated air. Preheating is accomplished by passing through a heat exchanger hot air from the mediums like flue gas or steam.

Ribbed plates have wider areas of heat transfer than ordinary plates or tubes. Hence, the ribbed plates air preheaters are in many instances more effective than the plate or tubular air preheaters.

Design advantages

High output when heating large air volumes

Operate at high temperatures of gas medium

Operate in aggressive gas environments

Mechanical shocks, vibrations, and thermal shocks do not affect efficiency of air preheater

Compact design combined with high output

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Design of ribbed plate plate type air preheaters

Assembly options for modules of ribbed plate air preheaters:

A set of basic panels forms an element of the module:

A ribbed plate is covered with a lid without ribs. The next ribbed plate is placed on top of the lid ribs-down in a cross way.
A ribbed plate with ribs-up is joined with a another ribbed plate ribs-down.
Two ribbed plates with ribs-up are joined in a cross way.

In the first two options transverse spacers are established between the elements according to the principle of the third option.

Operational data of water heater OPT-PK-20 / 15.6-78 / 0.086
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