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Air preheaters

Air preheater is designed to increase efficiency of technological process by supplying heated air. An increase in the temperature of the supplied air flow is produced by heat exchange with a gas medium, either smoke, steam, or exhaust gases.

Air preheater is considered to be imperative for modern high power steam boilers. Economizers and air preheaters are also widely used in the mining industry, construction and production. The possible applications of air preheaters is to heat premises and materials.

The OPT air preheater is a heat exchanger of a new generation and an excellent equivalent of traditional boiler air preheaters. The main structural element of the OPT is finned panels with the channels of the heating and heated medium between the panels. The fins position is longitudinal, the flow pattern of gases and air is cross flow.

Design advantages

High performance when heating large air volumes;

The unit can operate at high temperatures of gas medium;

Operation in aggressive gas environments

Mechanical shocks, vibrations, and thermal shocks do not affect efficiency of the air preheater;

Compact design combined with high performance.

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Design of OPT plate type air preheaters

Assembly options for modules of OPT air preheaters:

A set of basic panels forms an element of the module:

The finned panel is combined with the same panel (lid). Moverover, the edges on one side alternate with the edges on the other side.
The finned panel is closed with a smooth lid without fins, and a small fin pitch is used.
Panels are interconnected with finned and smooth side. The panels are interconnected by finned (first panel) and smooth side (next panel), while the edges of each panel go across the edges of the previous panel. This is the way the channels are formed for the cross flow of two medium.

In the first two options transverse spacers are established between the elements according to the principle of the third option.

Operational data of water heater OPT-PK-20 / 15.6-78 / 0.086
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