How to choose a recuperator

The high-temperature recuperator has many advantages includingenergy independence and durability. The efficiency of the recuperator is not inferior to other devices for heating the incoming medium, however, it is necessary to choose the right option.

How does recuperator work?

A recuperator is a heat exchanger in which incoming flows are heated by the outgoing medium. Heat transfer occurs through the wall, which separates medium, and to increase the efficiency the device can be equipped with several channels. Performance largely depends on the area of the heat absorbing surface, for many models this is a factor that determines the size of the heat exchanger.

How to choose a recuperator

There are various types of heat exchangers on the market:

  • Tube;
  • Rotary;
  • Chamber;
  • Plate;
  • OPT recuperators.

When selecting heat exchaner, one should be guided by the operating conditions and the purpose of the heat exchanger. Free space for the installation of the heat exchanger is also important: depending on the type of device, the small size of the heat exchanger may not allow to achieve the desired performance (insufficient heat transfer surface area).

Which recuperatoris better?

As a rule, the driving criteria when choosing a recuperator is small dimensions of the device, however, at the same time the recuperator must have enough power to meet the requirements of maintaining the temperature at the required level. OPT recuperators that relate to the heat exchangers of the new generation meet these requirements.

How to choose a recuperator

Selection of the heat exchanger should be guided by an expert engineer. In this case installation of recuperator will allow to obtain the desired temperature of the incoming medium used to improve the efficiency of technological processes.

For the calculation of the heat exchanger, data on inlet and outlet temperatures, relative air humidity, a room volume and a number of other important factors are used. Experts will calculate the required heat transfer surface area and the dimensions of the device. Manufacturing a heat exchanger by individual order on the basis of the performed calculations will provide optimal conditions in the room.