Recuperator calculation

The use of heat exchangers in industry and manufacturing can significantly reduce the cost of energy through the reuse of thermal energy. Due to its economy, the demand for recuperators is constantly growing, however, to ensure the required temperature of the incoming medium, it is necessary to select equipment with sufficient power.

Methods for calculating of recuperators:

  • By the temperature of the incoming medium;
  • By heat content and other parameters of the medium used.

The second method is more accurate. The data for the calculation of the high-temperature heat exchanger is obtained using accurate measurements of the actual Termophysical parameters of the medium used.

Data used for calculating heat exchangers

The following data will be required to calculate the gas-gas or gas-air heat exchanger:

  • Termophysical parameters of the heating and the heated medium;
  • Quantitative and thermal characteristics of medium;
  • Additional data, which includes the permissible outlet temperature, the content of corrosive substances, dust, and other information.

The dimensions of the structure are calculated on the basis of a sufficient area of the heated surface for heat transfer with the heated medium.

It is difficult to achieve maximum accuracy in calculations because of the inconstancy of the values. For this reason, the average physical parameters are used.

To calculate and order a recuperator that will perfectly meet all requirements, it is advisable to use the services of engineers who have not only deep knowledge, but also extensive practical experience. A professional approach and correct calculations will help determine the required size and performance of the heat exchanger. As a result the equipment will maintain the optimal temperature of the incoming medium and will be saving electricity for a long time.