OPT recuperators

Industrial high-temperature OPT recuperators allow to increase efficiency of technological processes and energy savings due to the reuse of thermal energy. The working principle is based on the heat transfer between the medium and through the ribbed panels, which divide the heating and heated medium.

Design features of OPT heat exchangers

The OPT heat exchangers are assembled from the modules using high-frequency welding. They have extended lifetime, however, eventually experience partial metal wear. In this case there is no need for repair, all modules both more and less worn can be rearranged. This solution allows significantly increasing the life of the heat exchange equipment.

Technologies used for OPT heat exchangers

The following technologies are used for OPT heat exchangers for the cases of highlydusty gas medium:

  • For the manufacture of panels, wear-resistant steel is used, it extends the service life by 5 times compared to corrosion-resistant steel and 10 times compared to low carbon steel.
  • Changing the cross-section and length of the channels allows adjusting the speed of medium motion and changes the parameters of the heat exchanger to the desired performance.
  • Screens installed at the inlet of gas medium reduce wear of the frontal elements.
  • The low weight of the modules allows swaping them if necessary, and when the module is fully worn, only one module can be replaced instead of the entire recuperator.
  • When operating at high temperatures, heat-resistant steels are used to manufacture the heat exchanger, therefore the metal “fatigue” does not occur for a long time.