Heat exchanger selection process

The recuperator is a device that transfers heat from one medium to another. There are many technological processes in industry and production, which release of a large amount of heat, hot exhaust gases are emitted into the atmosphere, having an adverse impact on the environment. Instalations of the heat exchanger in the channel for the removal of gases or smoke allows using heat energy again. The resulting heat energy can be used for a variety of purposes, as a rule, to increase the efficiency of the same technological processes or other production needs.

Properly chosen heat exchanger makes it possible to significantly save energy resources and achieve better results, for example, supplying heated air to a metallurgical furnace improves the furnace performance and improves the quality of metal products.

How to choose a heat exchanger

Selection of industrial heat exchanger should be guided by certain conditions, which include:

  • Operating conditions and material for the manufacture of the unit
    At high temperatures «fatigue» of the metal can occur, which leads to a rapid equipment failure. Therefore, the material used for the manufacture of the heat exchanger is important;
  • Place of installation of the heat exchanger
    Some types of heat exchangers have large dimensions, therefore, if there are restrictions, preference should be given to the compact versions;
  • Required performance and dimensions of equipment
    For traditional heat exchangers, an increase in power is possible only with an increase in their dimensions. If a higher temperature of the heated medium is required, this factor must be taken into account.

The OPT recuperators are considered to be superior to traditional heat exchanging equipment in all respects, since they are compact, have high productivity and are as efficient as possible for almost any operating conditions. The OPT recuperators are made of heat resistant steels, which increase operating time of heat exchangers in high temperature conditions compared to other units.

Panel heat exchangers are manufactured upon request, a preliminary calculation of the equipment allows getting the most efficient unit according to any requirements.