Air preheaters calculation

The air preheater is an industrial heat exchange equipment designed to heat the incoming air by means of exhaust gases and its further use to improve the efficiency of technological processes.

A comparative analysis of the practical application of various types of air preheaters shows that the new generation OPT heat exchangers, which consist of ribbed steel panels as heat transfer elements, are significantly superior to other units in all parameters and efficiency.

The direction of motion of the medium in the OPT heat exchangers can be counter flow or cross flow. These options make it possible to achieve the best performance. In the first case the medium move towards each other, the second movement implies perpendicular flow motion.

OPT air preheaters

To ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the air preheater, it is necessary to make calculations, which will take into account not only power requirements, but also the dimensions of the unit. OPT heat exchangers have a clear advantage in these conditions: they are compact and can provide the necessary power under different operating conditions. This is facilitated by the design features: the characteristics of the OPT heat exchangers are flexible, the performance can be changed by changing the area of heat transfer surfaces and the cross section of the channels without changing the external dimensions of the air preheater.

To calculate the area of the panels, data on inlet and outlet temperatures, medium movement speed, and pressure drop in the channels are necessary to know. To achieve the desired result, different data options are calculated, and the best option is selected.

The free method of calculation using the calculator of heat exchange equipment online does not give an accurate result, it can be only used to obtain an average, theoretical result that cannot provide high savings on fuels.

Engineers will help to achieve maximum accuracy. For this you need to order the calculation and manufacture of the most suitable heat exchanger for certain conditions and requirements. In this case, optimal performance and the desired temperature of the air at the outlet of the heat exchanger are guaranteed.