Air preheaters calculation

Industrial air preheaters are used to collect and transfer secondary heat from the outgoing (heating) gasmedium to the incoming streams (heated medium). To achieve maximum efficiency of the air heater, a preliminary calculation of this equipment and individual production in accordance with the operating conditions and requirements of the unit is necessary.

There are different types of air heaters with their own advantages and disadvantages, but the new generation of air preheaters (heat exchangers OPT) surpasses them in all respects and is the most convenient to maintain and operate.

OPT air heaters are made of steel ribbed panels, which play the role of separators of two medium and transfer heat from one medium to another. The performance of the air preheater can be changed by changing the area of the heat transfer surface (the number of panels), the cross-section of the channels and the flow velocity of the medium (changing the distance between the panels).

Air preheater power calculation

The calculation of heat exchanger is carried out on the basis of the Termophysical data of the medium:

  • Temperatures at the inlet and outlet medium;
  • Relative humidity;
  • Flow rates;
  • Other information depending on the operating conditions.

For a quick calculation with a minimum amount of data, you can use the online air preheater calculator, however, please note that in this case the optimal performance is not guaranteed : the result is an option based on averaged data.

Maximum accuracy can be achieved only when ordering the calculation and the subsequent manufacture of the heater. Specialists take into account absolutely all available information and make calculations for a particular equipment, which will be installed at a particular place. This provides the best performance possible for your order.