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Dear Colleagues and Partners!

First of all, we would like to inform you promptly that «Thermo-Nord Stream» guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations and, in turn, we ask You to notify us if possible of any changes may these accure in jointly implemented projects regarding terms and payment conditions.

Many of You who visited our company noted the high level of competence of our specialists, as well as the technical capabilities of the Thermo-Nord Stream production facilities.

These allow us to solve the unique and sometimes very difficult tasks of our area of experteese — manufacturing of heat exchangers and heat recovery systems.

Strictly saying, in the current not easy conditions, when many misfortunes are jointly storming the global economy, some of our Customers face failure to fulfill obligations of their contracts caused by the temporary cessation of in turn their suppliers, especially those who are responsible for the manufacture of non-standard and sometimes unique products.

We note sharp increase of the requests to manufacture non-standard equipment. We say firmly and decisively — «YES» we can fulfill such requests.

Thus we would like to inform You that, if necessary, the production facilities of Termo-Nord Stream can help You to execute the following tasks:

  • Manufacture and repair of heat transfer equipment of any design or some elements or spare parts of these equipment.
  • Production and repair of any constructional, fencing, supporting and power metal structures.
  • Manufacture and repair of any other types of welded metal structures.
  • Plasma cutting services for metal, both, black and stainless.
  • Metal machining services: turning, milling, grinding works.
  • Fulfillment of off-site welding works by specialists certified according to NAKS.

We guarantee you:

  1. Reply to your request within 1-2 days.
  2. The most rapid signing of contract without unnecessary formalities.
  3. Rapid development of design documentation (if necessary).
  4. Quick completion of orders, as well as the shortest possible manufacturing time.
  5. Warranty obligations the same as on our main equipment – recuperators.
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